platinhero – best Version of Crowdfunding

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platinhero – best Version of Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding Platinhero


How can you support a project on the Platinhero crowdfunding platform?


Platinhero offers sponsors a revolutionary crowdfunding model – for the first time, you can support projects without the risk of losing your own money. Platinhero sponsors don’t need to transfer their money anywhere – they simply freeze it in their wallets until the end of the project collection. And if the project is successful, its supporters receive an additional 10% of the frozen amount – this is realized thanks to the block chain technology on which the platform is based.

In this text we will tell you in detail how you can become a sponsor on the Platinhero platform and earn money by supporting projects.

It is easy and profitable to support projects on Platinhero. Try it.

Sign up now.

Select one or more crowdfunding projects that you like.
Determine the amount in PLC Coins that you are willing to freeze to support a project.
If the founders of the selected project offer a reward of your choice, choose one of them.

What bonuses does Crowdfunding offer on Platinhero?

Rewards – some projects give gifts to their sponsors, which vary depending on the amount of support they give.
10% of the amount frozen to support a project if the project collects the amount it is targeting! If the project does not collect the required amount after the deadline specified in its description, the funds will be released in the wallets of the sponsors, according to the terms of the Smart Contract.

To support a project, you must therefore be a registered Platinhero user. After registration, you will receive your personal user account, where you can track the status of the projects you support. Then there are a few simple steps to follow:

On the main page you will find a catalog of crowdfunding projects by category. Choose a project that interests you and support it. We are sure that you will find many unique projects here that deserve your attention and support.
Select a method of support and a donation amount. Then click on PLEDGE to go to the page with the QR code of your smart contract.
Scan the QR code in the PLC Wallet app and confirm the signing of a Smart Contract for the amount you have selected. Important! Project support and the conclusion of Smart Contracts on Platinhero is done via the PLC Wallet app. To support projects, you must download this app and load your wallet with PLC.

After you have donated to a project of your choice, you will automatically become its fan. You can support an unlimited number of projects. All information about the projects you support is available in your personal account.

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