Platincoin has new Blockchain products! The Minting Double Packs!

making passive income with your smartphone

Platincoin has new Blockchain products! The Minting Double Packs!

PLATINCOIN – Blockchain 

PLATINCOIN is a special Blockchain Fintech project that is developing particularly dynamically. We create innovative products (Power Minter), organize complex events and the community grows every day! We are pleased to introduce our new product to you today: Minting Double Packs!

Although PLATINCOIN is adding new products, services, results and news from year to year, the year 2020 is already breaking all records! The new product is the result of several innovations and important events at PLATINCOIN. We would like to inform you about it now:


On the way to Dubai

A big event awaits us in Dubai in March. It will be a historic milestone for our unique company! Therefore, our partners are trying to reach as many ranks as possible during this time in order to climb the first ranks before the end of the Super-Diamond promotion and receive additional prizes in the PLC. Especially for our partners we have prepared an innovative product upgrade that makes it even easier and faster to reach the ranks! We already have about 1000 people with the rank of a diamond! With the updated product we can exceed this number significantly!


Platincoin blockchain cashflow

Platincoin the time is now


PLATINCOIN has been successfully active on the market for over three years! Our community has over half a million people in 120 countries! By 2020 we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of increasing the number of this community to 5 million people and equipping it with innovative blockchain technology.

This is one of the main reasons why we have been thinking about expanding and improving our product range.

Special features of the global market

As we prepare for Dubai, we are also continuing our international expansion. Until today, PLATINCOIN users have been mainly in Eastern and Western Europe. This year we are opening new markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For PLATINCOIN, growth in Asia has been much faster than expected, thanks to Alex Reinhardt’s participation in the world’s largest blockchain conference “Chain 2020”, which took place in Hong Kong on January 15th.

Since the beginning of 2020 PLATINCOIN has already organized 6 events: in Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. For the next two months and until the end of the year we have planned 10 more events and 30 major events. Hundreds of top world leaders have already joined us and their great teams, although we still have over 11 months of productive work ahead of us!

Cryptomarketing in this region has its own unique characteristics. People in Asia, Africa and Latin America generally earn less money than in Europe. However, the desire to learn, develop and invest in new technologies is no less present here than in Europe. That’s why we decided to develop a product with an even more profitable model that helps users earn money faster. The result of this idea is our “Double Minting Pack”!

Double Minting Packs – a combination of the best PLATINCOIN products!

Our most successful product so far was the Minting Unit, which broke all sales records month after month for the last two years. This product alone has opened the world of crypto currencies to hundreds of thousands of our partners. Its logical successor is the innovative product Power Minter, with which a passive income can be built up with crypto money!

With the new block chain, which was the basis of Power Minter, PLATINCOIN users have reached a new level of security. Mining is now 100% in the hands of the users, as they can now track all their income directly on their smartphone. Users have complete freedom to extract, share, move, store, inherit and perform other transactions economically, quickly and securely.

Isn’t this the perfect product? Yes, of course, but we had the idea to make it even better! The introduction of the Double Power Minter !

Minting Double Packs combine our two best products: Minting Unit and Power Minter. On the one hand you have a Minting Unit – it creates daily Coins for 36 months and forms a solid income base; on the other hand you have a Power Minter with a yield capacity of 30% per year – this gives you the possibility to have virtually unlimited passive income for 10 years after purchasing the Double Minting Packs. But remember, to receive passive income from the Power Minter you must make a deposit into the Farm Coins PLC account. Check out our blog for detailed instructions, but where can you find the Coins you can invest in your farm at an annual interest rate of 30%? You can deposit PLCs that you produce in the mining unit, bought from an Exchanger or the crypto exchange (e.g. Coinsbit) or received from many market participants.

The Double Packs consist of seven products:

Platincoin Double Packs

We will now explain how this works using an example:

Imagine: You can buy a savings book that guarantees you a basic income every day for 36 months and in which you can put more platinum coins, increasing the number of PLC (platinum coins) by 30% per year from the first coin. Moreover, the coins do not freeze, do not burn, are available 24 hours a day, all year round and can also provide you with a passive income!

There are certain conditions:

The piggy bank is limited, as is the space on the virtual hard drive, but you can increase it by buying additional space;

By increasing the storage capacity, you can put more and more coins in the piggy bank and thus increase your passive income;

You can increase the storage capacity as often as you want.

With Double Minting Packs, all payments are made in PLC – one of the most stable coins on the market. This means that when the price goes up, your income goes up too! Think about your company’s plan to increase the PLATINCOIN community to 5 million users this year! This means that the Kryptocoin PLC can reach not only 10 Euro, but also 50 Euro!

It’s not about whether PLATINCOIN will change the world. It is about how PLATINCOIN will change your world. Let us grow together!

You can buy a new product now by clicking on the link.

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