Platincoin blockchain is listet at south korean exchange Bithumb Global

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Platincoin blockchain is listet at south korean exchange Bithumb Global


We have great news – 02.02.2020 PLATINCOIN (PLC) was listed on the largest South Korean crypto currency exchange – Bithumb Global. Bithumb Global is a subsidiary of one of the largest and oldest exchanges on the Asian market – the Bithumb Exchange.

This success offers us incredible opportunities in the Asian market! In this article, we will inform you about the advantages of Bithumb Global, Bithumb Global’s corporate philosophy, user security and the prospects that PLATINCOIN’s listing opens up for PLATINCOIN.


More about Bithumb Global and Bithumb


Bithumb Global is a leading South Korean crypto-currency project, with a daily trading volume of approximately USD 72 million. The exchange is one of the top 100 of CoinMarketCap, the most respected crypto platforms in the world. The platform supports the following 6 languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and English.

The Bithumb parent exchange is part of the self-regulated Korea Blockchain Association and thus clearly complies with all laws that were drafted by the Korea Financial Services Commission (FSC) in 2018. The exchange also has a significant level of security – for example, payouts are only available to verified users. The number of registered users on the exchange exceeds 8 million, with more than 300,000 users visiting the exchange’s website every day. Bithumb is the largest player in South Korea and one of the largest in Asia and the world. 59.19% of the total BTC transaction volume of the South Korean market is settled through the exchange, which represents about 15% of the world market.


History of Bithumb Global

Founded in 2013 by BTC Co, Ltd., the company took leading positions in South Korea and Asia almost immediately. Projects from all over the world wanted to cooperate with Bithumb, but the stock exchange only listed the company after a long review process. According to company guidelines, Bithumb preferred Korean projects, according to which most offers on the exchange are also calculated in won.

In 2019, the founders had the idea to establish a subsidiary of Bithumb Global in order to list foreign projects as well and thus enter the international market. The developers have added several attractive features to the exchange function:

– the ability to buy crypto currency for Fiat with Visa and MasterCard;

– own platform for the implementation of IEO crypto projects;

– the possibility for users to earn tokens and spend them on privileges and gifts;

– convenient app for retailers;

– the possibility of passive income, due to interest on the balance on a deposit account in a specific crypto currency (BG Staking).

Bithumb Global proved to be a very successful project – this is one of the few crypto exchanges established in 2019 that managed to stay in the market and achieve a consistently high trading turnover. Today, the average daily trading volume on the exchange is $72 million and the number of users exceeds one million.

Bithumb Global, like Bithumb, places great importance on its reputation and therefore only selects thoroughly tested projects for listing. Currently only 131 crypto currencies are traded on the exchange. For comparison, 604 coins are available at Binance, 505 at YoBit and 437 at KuCoin.


Why is this so important for PLATINCOIN?

One of the main goals of PLATINCOIN for 2020 is to expand the community to 5 million people. One step towards achieving this goal was to enter and strengthen already existing positions on the Asian market.

The opening of the Asian region started with a brilliant speech by Alex Reinhardt at the CHAIN Conference 2020 in Hong Kong, where Alex was one of the keynote speakers and PLATINCOIN one of many partners. The demonstrated possibilities of PLATINCOIN were especially interesting for Asian viewers and after the presentation Alex was available for several hours to answer questions about PLATINCOIN products and technologies.

The next step was and is now events in Asia. Until mid February 2020 PLATINCOIN will hold meetings with leading personalities in major cities in South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India and Vietnam.

The listing on the largest stock exchange in Asia is a further step in our global strategy to enter the Asian market. It will bring us many benefits:

1) It will facilitate the use of our coins in Asian countries, which means that the PLATINCOIN community will receive several million new crypto enthusiasts;

2) Due to the high daily trading volume on the stock exchange, the PLC capitalization will increase, which will allow the coin to be listed in the upper range of CoinMarketCap (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations), which in turn will massively increase the awareness level.

3) All PLATINCOIN users will get another top exchange at their fingertips, making trading with PLC even easier!

4) PLATINCOIN will be even more visible on the largest crypto currency market in the world – in Asia!

And of course the listing at Bithumb Global is another confirmation that the world of crypto currencies accepts and supports us, it means that we are following the right strategy!



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