Coinsbit announced the start of “Coinsbit Store” from April 2020. In this Platincoin shop it will be possible to pay for goods from the biggest internet shops Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao and Shopify with PLATINCOINS and other crypto currencies. The owners of PLC are offered the full range of products of these shops: home appliances, travel, clothing, shoes, furniture, cars and even concert tickets. This market will be active all over the world.

The “Coinsbit Store” has announced the support of only 3 currencies: PLC, USDA and its own Coinsbit CNB token. All Coinsbit account holders will now be able to shop in the “Coinsbit Store”.



The message of this fantastic message was published by the cryptographic coinportal “Forklog”. This is one of the first Russian-language forums, which reports about the blockchain and crypto currencies. To be mentioned in the Forklog publications is really a great honor for every crypto project – and at the same time a seal of quality.

Coinsbit is one of the largest crypto currency exchanges of modern times. It is part of the Coinsbit ecosystem, which also includes the IEO platform, the tools for creating single payment codes, currency exchange and the P2P platform for crypto currency loans. One of Coinsbit’s main competitive advantages is its very high level of user security. 95% of all user money is stored in “cold” crypto wallets that are not connected to the Internet; possible hacker attacks are blocked by the Web Application Firewall – WAF, which acts as a shield.

Coinsbit follows a very strict approach in the selection of listing and partnership projects: currently only 59 currencies are traded on this exchange (whereby the analysis portal CoinMarketCap 5035 counts different cryptographic currencies). The fact that PLATINCOIN was selected as one of the 3 future cryptocoins for processing on the future market confirms once again that our project was highly appreciated and finally accepted by the cryptographic community.

What does this news mean for PLATINCOIN?

In order to make larger purchases, PLATINCOIN users no longer need to exchange the purchased or mined coins into another currency. They can register with Coinsbit and then pay immediately with PLC-Coins. We dreamed of such a unique opportunity when we were working on the PLATINCOIN ecosystem and the basic strategy of the project. And now for several years we have been witnessing how the wildest dreams finally come true thanks to the professional work of the team and the ever-growing community!

Today’s news is a real breakthrough for our team and for many thousands of community members and further confirmation that the strategy we chose was absolutely right!