Passive Income thanks Platincoin Blockchain! Get Your Gift.

making passive income with your smartphone

Passive Income thanks Platincoin Blockchain! Get Your Gift.


Passive Income thanks Platincoin Blockchain

Dear Platincoin Blockchain partners!

Thanks to your hard work and constant support, PLATINCOIN has been able to achieve its current successes – thousands of members in the community, quotations on stock exchanges around the world and high quality products!

Try PLATINCOIN’s most popular product

We would like to thank you for your support, not only with words but also with gifts. On your personal account you will find our new product, the Power Minter, worth 22 PLC, which has already been credited to your account and is waiting for you to fill it with PLC. If you meet all the conditions, this product can be the key to passive income – you just need to meet it to earn money with this gift!

How many coins can you earn in 10 years with this Blockchain product to get passive income?

With the passive income Power Minter waiting for you in the dashboard, you can expect to earn 30% return per year on the 74 PLCs you use. Let us calculate how many coins you will earn in 10 years. So:

The maximum load (the maximum amount with which you can earn 30%) of the Blockchain Power Minter Starter is 74 CPL. This means that your account balance will increase by 22.2 PLCs per year.

You will therefore earn 222 PLC in 10 years! You will still have 74 PLCs on your account – this means that the total number of coins in 10 years will be 296 PLCs;

Now we convert the 222 PLCs earned into Euros. At the current PLC value of 5 euros, you will earn 1,110 euros. If the rate increases to 10 euros, the amount you will earn will increase to 2220 euros!

* This forecast is neither a promise nor a guarantee.

How to find and fill the Power Minter?

The Power Minter can be found in your dashboard in the section PLC Farm – Minters – Promo Minters.

Platincoin passive income Blockchain

To replenish your Power Minter, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Scan the QR Code in the Dashboard (in the upper right corner of the screenshot).
Transfer the coins from the PLC Wallet to the Farm App!

Detailed instructions on how to upload coins to the PLC Farm can be found in our blog.

If you don’t have PLC Coins yet, you can buy them at any time for Dollar, Euro, USDT or Bitcoins at different crypto currency exchanges, e.g. via Bithumb or Coinsbit and this only for 5 Euro per PLATINCOIN.
Terms and Conditions

The conditions of promotion depend on the registration date:

If you have registered before December 5, 2019, you must have filled up your Power Minter with the Max Load (74 PLC) before the Dubai event date (March 22) to ensure that the gift Power Minter will work for 10 years and you can earn several thousand Euros.

If you registered after 5 December 2019, you must refill the Minter to a maximum (74 PLC) within 3 months of the Power Minter activation date.

Please note that if you do not refill the Power Minter with the Max Load by the above date, your gift will only work for one year from the activation date.

You can read about what a Power Minter is, how it works and how it differs from other products in our blog. Also there you can read all about our new and promising product – the Minting Double Packs – which combines the new Power Minter and our classic product Minting Unit!

Quickly fill your Power Minter to its max load and your smartphone will start mining coins for you!

Register here for free and take your gift.



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