Platincoin: Simple steps from interested parties to partners

In 8 easy steps to become an active Platincoin partner in a way that anyone can follow. What counts is not what you can do, but what everyone can do immediately and without prior knowledge

1. register under the sponsor link (click here)

2. click on the left under the avatar with your name on the link “Activate Sponsorlink” whereby you accept the terms and conditions, then you will see your own sponsor link with the reference number attached to the domain, which is also your ID later on.

3. go to the main page in your dashboard and choose your personal Double Pack below. Please note that you can only place your first order once, as the name suggests, and any partner starting with you will most likely ask you how you started. With this in mind, you determine with your start how your partners will start later on and thus this action also partially regulates the amount of your future earnings. We therefore recommend the Platinum Double Pack

4. after selecting and ordering your Double Pack, you will be taken to the next page with the payment options. Various options are available here. These include:

A.) Sofortüberweisung (currently only for Germany & Austria, other countries will follow soon) With this payment option you can usually make the payment from your bank account in real time.

B.) Bitcoin (valid worldwide) If you have not yet had any contact with crypto-currencies, you can equip yourself with a free wallet and the most popular crypto-currency Bitcoin in the German language even at state-regulated companies in Germany or Austria, e.g. BITCOIN AG in Germany or Coinbase or Bitpanda. If you have selected this payment option, a Bitcoin address will then be displayed to which you can send the displayed Bitcoin amount at the respective rate (automatically calculated in real time). After a maximum of 6 confirmations in the block chain, usually after 1-2 confirmations (15-45min), you will be notified that the payment has been made. In addition, you can also send many types of coins (Bitcoin and many more) under the Wirex Stock Exchange IBAN account and use the included VISA card there or make IBAN numbered transfers directly from there worldwide.

C.) ADV Cash – is an external payment processor and has real-time crypto currency top-up and SEPA transfer as an option, but includes full verification after free registration. At the same time, you can also use this recommended payment option for later commission payment and/or use with the offered VISA debit card, so it is recommended in any case. The same payment provider is also used by the Exchange Coinsbit (currently Platincoin stable at 5 EUR) for conversions and payouts of your Platincoins. This gives you the opportunity to buy and sell PlatinCoins directly from your SEPA account, making ADV Cash almost indispensable for these transactions. The verification usually takes 15 minutes. 

D.) PlatinCoin – The easiest and fastest way to pay for your Double Pack selection is to have your own PlatinCoin Wallet with the appropriate number of Platincoins on it. The Wallet is available in the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. You can buy Platincoins at several exchanges, e.g. Coinsbit (Platincoin currently stable at 5 EUR) or Bithumb, and from there your invoice can be transferred directly from the wallet in real time.

5. as soon as your order is executed or paid, your Minting Unit will start working within a very short time. Download your wallet free of charge from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore and link it to your dashboard. Your mining earnings will then be paid out at regular intervals. With this you have installed your 1st of 2 products and receive regular earnings.

6. the other included 2nd product is the Power Minter. Here, 30% of all platincoins deposited are paid out annually for 10 years in a proof-of-stake process with regular, usually daily payouts. Where does this income come from? If the block chain proves that you hold coins in your wallet or farm, known in the trade as “staking” of “proof of stake”, then this is called “mining” and is rewarded because the coin is not available on the market at that moment. This is where your profit comes from. These Coins can be bought from Product 1, the Minting Unit, or from commissions of new team partners or much easier from the purchase through external exchanges such as Coinsbit (currently PlatinCoin stable at 5 EUR) or Bithumb. Every inserted Platincoin is 100% available to you at ALL TIMES, but if you fall below the maximum loading amount by taking out coins, no earnings will be distributed for 30 days.

7 How do I set up the Power Minter or Farm? 

Download the app “PLC Farm” from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore and link it to your dashboard or wallet. Then you are free to exploit the maximum earnings of the respective Power Minters (depending on the purchased package size) at any time by depositing the maximum coins on which you receive paid earnings. The functionality of the Power Minters is similar to a piggy bank and the bigger you buy the piggy bank, the more you can save and the more you can deposit, whereupon you will receive your earnings. The Power Minter yield can either be retrieved manually every day in the Farm App by the command “Minting”, the block chain executes this minting at least once a week, therefore it can lead to error messages in the app if you click too often, because the block chain has not yet provided your yield, then simply retrieve it again the next day. In any case, the block chain automatically distributes your earnings. 

Our recommendation: Get the largest possible Double Pack, activate your Minting Unit immediately by linking it to the Dashboard and your Wallet and fill your Power Minter immediately up to the “Maximum Load” with Platinum coins, which can be bought from the above mentioned exchanges. How does an empty piggy bank help you?

8. how do I pay out my Platincoins again and/or receive my commission/ mining result/Power Minter income to my account? 

To do so, transfer the PlatinCoins to be paid out to your personal wallet. From there you can transfer them to one of the exchanges, e.g. Coinsbit (currently Platinum Coins stable at 5 EUR) or Bithumb. If more than one exchange/exchange is available, a coin is already considered as DECENTRALIZED, as each exchange has its own “node”, which cannot be influenced by the coin issuer. In Bithumb, you can then exchange your Platinum Coins, for example, into any other crypto currency and sell them on a “home” exchange or exchange them into EUR and have them paid out to your account. At BITCOIN AG in Germany or Coinbase or Bitpanda this is possible locally, at the Wirex Stock Exchange there is even an IBAN account directly connected with a VISA card for SEPA transfers or similar actions. With Coinsbit (currently Platincoin stable at 5 EUR), there is also the simplified option of transferring the wallet credit directly in EUR or USD via ADV Cash and either using the VISA card available there for Europe or transferring it directly to your bank account.

Even if the whole process sounds extremely complex, it is usually easier to do than it looks if this recommendation is implemented exactly. In addition, with crypto-currency, the digital currency, we are only in the early stages of government regulation and therefore have to focus all the more on KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules, which ensures that every company in this industry will have a long existence. It is not for nothing that many companies have already failed due to AML & KYC and have been closed or put under supervision by the state authorities. It is better to put a little more effort in the beginning but have the opportunity to be part of building a large company in this industry. Forget to verify your account immediately after setting up your account or before or after your order for later payment of commission, all necessary information and necessary steps are explained in the dashboard. Keep an eye on your active status in your dashboard above your avatar in the upper left corner. In order to remain active and thus entitled to commission, you must either have a new personally connected partner with a purchase of at least 22 PLC or your own turnover of at least 22 PLC within 30 days. 

We wish you good luck, please continue to pay attention to our training and support calls or their recordings and all current live events, as well as the overview page with all videos in various languages.