Earn money by recommending Platinhero

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Earn money by recommending Platinhero


Platincoins Platinhero Crowdfunding 

Are you financially affected by Corona and need help or do you have an innovative idea but no financing?

Then Platinhero.com is the right place for you!

You as an initiator don’t need any money to start a project, just some time to create it and make it public!

Here you can easily collect donations, your donors keep their coins and an additional 10% return on reaching the project amount!

Platinhero is a Winn Winn platform, you receive the amount in Euro and the donator keeps his Coins plus the return! The whole thing is realized by the Blockchain and secured by Smart Contracts!

Thus it is risk-free for both sides!

For the donor there is another special feature, if the index of the PLC increases, the donor has the corresponding added value of his Coins!

How should it all work and where does the money come from?

If you need e.g. an amount of 50 000€, then at the current index of 5€ 50 000 PLC are necessary. These Coins will be frozen in a Smart Contract of the Blockchain and produce new Coins in this time. From these new Coins 20% will be paid to you and 10% to the donors!

After this time, the donors’ coins plus the 10% yield will be released again!

If the 50 000PLC are reached, you will immediately receive the 50 000€ in Euro and the project is considered successful!

The platform is already launched. Click here for more infos!

Earn money by recommending Platinhero

The Platinhero crowdfunding platform has a one-tier affiliate program that offers two types of bonuses – for inviting projects and for inviting sponsors. The uniqueness of the partner program is that it is built into a smart contract, which means that all rewards are guaranteed by the block chain!

There are several options – project scout, project owner, consultant and donator.
Let’s clarify what each option exactly means and how much you can earn with each of them:

(project scout) attracts new projects.
It receives 5% of the funding result in PLC when the project has reached its financial goal.

(project owner) starts projects on Platinum Hero.
He gets 20% of the frozen amount donated to support his project;

(consultant) promotes projects and attracts donors.
The consultant receives 5% of the frozen amount donated by sponsors attracted by him, immediately after the donation.

(donator) supports projects.
When the project’s financial goal is reached, he receives 10% of the amount donated by him.


How to make money with Platinhero


Does it sound complicated?
But in reality everything is simple – in other words, for you to earn 5% of the total donation, the project owner must be registered in your first level and his project must reach its funding target. And in order to get 5% for a donation, you need a donor who is registered in your first level. Then 5% of each of his donation goes to your wallet.

Click to start here.


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